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Bank On Yourself® one of the tools that we use to help you manage your wealth from a more holistic, macro-economic perspective. It is a safe and reliable financial management strategy (not an investment, aka gambling, strategy) which uses a unique and flexible vehicle to accomplish many different financial goals throughout a person’s lifetime such as financing large purchases and retirement income. Not only can it be used to finance large purchases like cars, boats, houses, etc with no loan approval required, it can also be used to fund vacations, businesses, medical expenses, paying off debt, you name it. And it is absolutely one of the best methods for building retirement income that will last you the rest of your life. Can you imagine saving for retirement, but also using those retirement funds to avoid interest fees at the same time? Amazing!

We have specialized training in properly structuring a policy designed to maximize the power of the Bank On Yourself concept. This includes several hours of additional training on the technical aspects of the features that make these policies such a powerful financial tool, while avoiding some of the common pitfalls that can be found in more standard vehicles. We work under the guidance of a Bank On Yourself technical and policy-design specialist team that has collectively designed tens of thousands of policies for the concept.

$100k Challenge: Bank On Yourself Will Beat Your Financial Strategy… or We’ll Pay You $100,000!*

Compare your BEST saving, investing or retirement planning strategy to the 18 advantages and guarantees of Bank on Yourself

There are many myths and a great deal of misinformation about the Bank on Yourself strategy even though it is an extremely valuable wealth building tool. And of course there are no shortage of “experts” who will tell you to avoid whole life policies at all costs. That’s why Pamela Yellen created the $100,000 Challenge. Take the challenge to learn some more about Bank On Yourself and how it compares to your current retirement strategy.

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